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Getting the basics right

Getting your HR essentials in place is absolutely key to ensuring a content and informed workforce, whilst also fulfilling your legal obligations. 

We offer expertise in developing and editing a range of essential HR documents including employee handbooks, policies and procedures.

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    The employee handbook

    Why use an employee handbook?

    The employee handbook outlines company values, policies and procedures to new and existing colleagues. It should play a role in any staff induction process welcoming each colleague with their own copy to refer back to throughout their employment. Alongside policies and procedures, it may also contain other attractive information that you want to relay to your workforce, such as employee benefits and perks. The handbook provides an easy reference point for all staff, ensuring clarity of information and saves valuable time by removing the need for unnecessary HR interventions.

    Policies and procedures

    Policies and procedures are company guidelines and advisory documents, setting out clear expectations for both management and staff, with given points of contact. A must have for every organisation, their purpose is multi-fold, including:

    Key policies every organisation should have

    At the very least, every organisation should produce and provide the following policies:

    Far from being static documents, policies and procedures need to be reviewed annually. In addition, as organisations adapt and grow, the need for additional policies will need to be assessed.

    Let us help you to create a thriving and inclusive workplace with our expertise.

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