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Find the plan that works for you!

As a small, bespoke HR consultancy, we have the flexibility to offer a range of fee structures to suit your individual needs.

We always work in partnership with our clients to assess the degree of work required and agree the most cost-effective pricing model for you. Our aim is to keep your outlay to the minimum whilst ensuring your outcomes are achieved.

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    4 hours

    £ 440

    8 hours

    £ 864

    16 hours

    £ 1680

    The next 24 hours

    £ 2448

    All clients receive a free 30-minute consultation to establish support required and the most suitable fee structure. For big projects, the more information I have the better before I give you a quote.

    When it comes to handbooks, depends on what you need, I offer fixed or a bespoke pricing:

    Fix- £280
    Bespoke – minimum of £550

    Lastly, when it comes to Coaching our prices are slightly different but very simple- £140 per hour.
    All the services can be virtual or in-person, depending on your need.

    *Please refer to the “Terms & Conditions”, for more information regarding payments.

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